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Vehicle Graphics

The vehicle next to you, in front of you or behind you can't be missed with  the help of Matrix Department! Harness the power of mobile advertising for your business with vehicle wraps. From vans and trucks to cars of all sizes, vehicle wraps ensure your corporate identity is working overtime!

Here's how it works:

- Premium Cast Vinyl with removable adhesive, which makes for easy removal, is printed with UV solvent inks with a Premium cast over-laminate for added protection. 


- The overall life-span of a wrap is about 5 years. With a Matrix Department 3 year free replacement warranty which covers fading and manufacturing defects, there are no worries about your statement piece being as high quality as possible. 


- Special vinyl on side and back windows lets you see out of the vehicle with no obstruction, yet the graphic on the outside appears solid. 


- Professional design and photography create a memorable impression for others to see.


- We provide custom designs based on your request for your company's logo and message. 

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